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Equo LED Desk Lamp


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Product Description

The Equo LED Desk Lamp by Koncept has a clean sculpted body counterbalanced to be adjustable with a feather light touch. The arched cross section of the Equo LED Desk Lamp’s arm makes it so thin and light, it seems to float on top of the stem. Slide your finger along the stem of the Equo LED Desk Lamp’s touch sensitive strip to dim or turn the lamp on and off. The constant angle joint of the Equo LED Desk Lamp maintains the head’s tilt as the arm swings up or down.

The Equo LED Desk Lamp is a Best in Class 2010 Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition winner. The Equo LED Desk Lamp consumes 7. 5W of power and can be equipped with an occupancy sensor.

Additional Information


6 W integrated LED Array. CRI: 85


Width: 32″ full extended Height: 12.5″


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